Monday, December 15, 2008

Introducing Miss Olive

I know everyone says it about their own child, real or the fur-kind, but don't you think this is one of the most adorable little faces you've ever seen???

That is Miss Olive. She's a puggle mix (that's a beagle/pug crossbreed, if you didn't know) and she's 11 weeks old. We've had her for a couple of weeks now...or should I say we adopted her a couple of weeks ago, the day before Thanksgiving to be exact. She was with us for five days when I got a call from the Animal Rescue League where we adopted her, indicating that one of her littermates came down with a case of Parvovirus. At the time of the call, she was doing just fine. No symptoms whatsoever. Then, two days later, there they were. The diarrhea, the throwing up, no interest in food or water, and complete and total lethargy. It was so sad to see her that way. At least the rescue league took her back into their care and was able to nurse her back to health within a week. It was torture to not be able to see her or really know how she was doing. of course we could call and they would say, "oh she's doing ok, she's eating some and wagging her tail", but you never really know. So I was on pins and needles for five days while she was at the rescue league, but thankfully we were able to go get her last week and bring her home. She's fully recovered and back to being her ornery ornery self. :D We wouldn't have her any other way.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Where's Waldo?

You found me!! I've been MIA in the blogging world for various reasons, but not because Coach extended our break or anything. Oh now, that didn't happen. The honeymoon was over after three short weeks, my friend. We've been back to the grindstone for a few weeks now, slowly ramping back into full swing. I have been warned, however, that everything will change on January 1. Oh boy! Bring. It. On.

So, what have I been up to?? Let's see, in somewhat of an order:

1. Took time to let my IT band heal
2. Got a tattoo (I'll devote a post to that, so stay tuned)
3. Started master's swim (at 5:30am in the morning. UGH!)
4. Started a kick-ass strength regimen (CrossFit!!)
5. Started Yoga (uh, A LOT harder than it looks!)
6. Work, work, work, work
7. Purchased a set of Zipp 404s (Suh-weet!)
8. Enjoyed Turkey Day...twice
9. Spent quality time with Gabriel (and other family, of course!)
10. Got a puppy (her name is Olive...she will get her own post)
11. Worried about sick puppy (see above)
12. Got healthy puppy back
13. Work, work, work, work
14. Started Christmas shopping...but nowhere near done yet!

...and I think that is about it. Tomorrow night I'm taking Greyt out for some sushi and some bar hopping for her big 3-0! Should be a blast!

I'll be back again soon, I promise! I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting to meet Olive!