Monday, August 24, 2009

Offseason Fun

I know some of you are still out there in the thick of triathlon season, especially you crazy people getting ready for an Ironman. I say that lovingly, of course. I, on the other hand, am done with my triathlon season. And loving every minute of it. Don't get me wrong, I had a good tri season. I had fun. But after Big Pig I was ready to move into the offseason and start really having some fun. I was ready for a change, ready to tackle some new challenges. And what better way to tackle new challenges than with a new toy??

CYCLOCROSS, BABY!!! Yep, decided to take the plunge this year and venture into the world of cyclocross. I needed something a little less "serious" than triathlon, and cyclocross has exactly what I am looking for. Off-roading, obstacle-jumping, mud-flinging, beer-drinking FUN. If you aren't familiar with cyclocross, here's a little taste of what it is...courtesy of the elite race at Jingle Cross in Iowa City last year.
(copy and paste...I couldn't get the link to show up otherwise)
Looks like a BLAST doesn't it??? And, yes, that is snow. Hey, I need something to be excited about as the weather turns cold. I've already been doing a little training, getting used to riding in grass, mud, etc. But just like when you first start seriously riding a bike, you have to condition parts of your body to handle this kind of abuse....

Yes, I crashed my bike. And yes, this will be the first of many. Think I need a little work on my crash technique??? No worries, I am ok, I did not black out and had no signs of a concussion. That being said, I am going to insert a little PSA here. If your helmet feels a little loose and wobbles on your head AT ALL, go get a smaller helmet. Had mine fit correctly, I would not have this wonderful shiner. It slid just enough to expose my brow bone which absorbed the whiplash effect of the fall. And yes, I immediately went out and purchased a new helmet that FITS.

I'll be back with more updates on cyclocross...and the other fun things I have planned for this fall/winter. It's going to be one fun offseason!!


Molly said...

OMG. I would be face-planted before the race was even done doing something like that. Do they make easier courses for beginners? I don't think I could even do that!

So sorry about your black eye - good thing it wasn't anything worse but hope it isn't hurting you too bad!

Anonymous said...

You are such a bad a**!!!! Hopefully this means you are officially "broken in" for the off season. WELCOME to off season! CHEERS! -KT

Maria said...

love the new toy and i can't wait to hear about cyclocross this year. too bad you cant make it to IC...I'm sure you'll just be miserable in Cozumel with Greyt. poor poor you.

Sherry said...

Ouch! Nice shiner! Very nice!

Cyclocross looks like FUN!!! A guy I went to HS (Facebook friend now) is really into it. I love watching his videos. Can't wait to read your updates.

I hear you on being glad that tri season is ov-ah! I'm thrilled that Augusta is only 4 weeks away b/c then tri season can be finished for me too. I'm looking forward to our "winter" months so that I can finally run comfortably! LOL!

Next year on the agenda for me... some Xterra races! It's nice that we have options!

Andrea said...

Your CX bike is BEAUTIFUL!! I, on the other hand, will be spending the CX season as the worlds best cowbell ringer/beer drinker! :)