Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going Over To the Dark Side - Big Creek Road Race

Yes, boys and girls, I finally took the plunge and signed myself up for a bike race. Just a bike race. No swim before, no run after, just 34.5 miles of just the bike. It was hard. I was hitting speeds on my bike I never imagined I would hit. And my HR was probably at levels I never have hit on the bike either (I didn't wear it to know, though). BUT, I had a blast. I absolutely loved it. I have a lot to learn about racing bikes...but I enjoyed the strategery...the chess-playing...the ability to race the competition side-by-side. Now I just need to work on becoming a smarter biker so I can hold on and not get dropped in the last lap. DOH!

Here are some of the race in pictures (and video). Courtesy of spectator extraordinare - Greyt! Enjoy!

I really am excited!!

Pre-race with my adopted biking family, the Robinsons

Getting a little pre-race pep talk from Steve

Steve with his "I wish I was racing" face with my "I hope I don't puke" face on...

Women's Beginner Race - GO!

Hanging tough with the girls...through Lap 5 (of 6).

The girls finishing without me. :(

But here I come!! Finishing strong!


Sherry said...

You rock! Period! Lovin' it! Can't wait to read more about your new adventure. VERY excited for you!

Molly said...

Great job! That bike racing is tough stuff! :)

cheryl said...


GoBigGreen said...

Good job! Omg my first cat 4 race i got dropped in the roll out! well not really but in the 1st lap, so good job that you made it thru the entire race! It is fun!!!