Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick Update

This will be short...still not the greatest at typing with one hand. Surgery went very well yesterday. The doctor was able to get the bone back in place with no complications. There was no tendon damage or anything. I have a pin holding the bones together that sticks out of my hand a little bit. That will come out in about 4 weeks. No cast, just a splint that I can take on and off to clean my arm/hand and exercise my fingers. I'll be off training for a few days, but am hoping to be able to start running a bit next week. We will see. Oh and to answer the question about how it happened...I was doing pull ups at the gym when the pull up bar broke, sending me crashing to the concrete floor. The steel pull up bar then fell across my hand causing the break and a small laceration. A freak accident...the kind that tends to only happen to me!!!

Thanks everyone for the concern and means a lot!!!


Sherry said...

OMG! The pull up bar BROKE! Geez! You're lucky you didn't break anything else!

I'm going to lump you into the same camp as my husband. He was training for the Firefighter Combat Challenge when the gate that he was up against (while hoisting a weighted donut roll) gave way... sending him crashing down to mother Earth 40' below.

Both of you are FREAKY lucky!

Heal up quickly!!!

Melissa said...

Hey there! It's been a few days post-surgery...hope it's going well!

Kelly said...

Your injury makes my sprained thumb seem like a hiccup. Hope it heals fast for you.